Dr. rer. nat. Michael Fink und Marion Fink 


1966 Company founded in Recklinghausen – Oer-Erkenschwick
1971 Beginning Service Pioneer in the division of work between production and cleaning
1972 Move to the new building to Hamm
1985 Cleavage of the commercial branch of butchery with founding a subsidiary in Frankfurt, Fleischer Service Fink GmbH, later FINK GmbH
1988 Introduction of the reusable recycling system
1989 Cleavage of the services division
Fink Hygiene GmbH & Co. KG
1990 Renaming of Fink-Chemie GmbH in FINK GmbH
1991 Establishment of another distribution company, Fleischer Service Fink, today FINK TEC GmbH, Schömberg
1992 Entry into the field liquid food beer, juice, soft drinks,founded FINK TEC GmbH
1994 Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001
1995 Introduction SAP/R3 with ‚BigBang’
1996 Moving into the new building Oberster Kamp, Hamm
1997 Pharmaceutical business according to AMG of medicinal products for use to humans and on animals
2005 Wholesale approval under § 53a AMG for pharmaceuticals
2009 Extension of the new building for production and delivery in the Oberster Kamp, Hamm