Quality and Environment

Quality begins in the mind. With each of us. The pursuit of excellence is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. And an indispensable component of our growth for the future.

Responsible Care InternationalWe are members of the Responsible Care.This is the continuous improvement of health, environmental protection, safety and security in the enterprise. It is an important contribution to sustainability.

FINK TEC pioneered the introduction of a reusable system for cans, barrels and containers. Our involvement began in early 1988 with the establishment of a modern treatment plant for reuse. Containers, which due to expired licenses or defects can no longer be supplied to the circuit found in the recycling market for valuable materials to a new use.

In addition we have introduced an energy- and water-saving program successfully in our own business, with which we can control all the parameters fine and repeat the results reproducible at any time.

In view of our customers and our decades of experience we know our way with the parameters around of the professional hygiene management.

FINK TEC Qualit├Ąt und Umwelt

The topic of resource-efficient hygiene management has in our customer base in recent years become increasingly important. FINK TEC owns and provides the know-how to share the experience on the customer on energy, water and time savings.

Our expertise lies in the acquisition and development of common solutions to benefit our customers (Pump Check Concept). Locally are our application engineers to implement the concepts, consumption recordings, implementations, etc. on hand.

In a broader sense we are also situated on the environmental protection of our clients. The advantages of our hygiene concepts not only offer advantages in the cost and time commitment, but with our help make a contribution to their environmental protection.