Konzept zur Stall- und Tierhygiene
Rentabilität in der Tierhaltung beginnt mit der Hygiene

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Hygiene for the agriculture

  • Cleaning and disinfection products for all milking and milk cooling equipment
  • environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfecting agent ÖKORON® A and ÖKORON® S (low-temperature cleaner, EN 1276 tested, biodegradable Milking Machine)
  • udder hygiene products „BEFORE“ and „AFTER“ milking (authorized veterinary medicinal products; EN 1656 tested)
  • stall and animal hygiene products (EN 1276 and EN 1656 tested; DVG listed)
  • Foam Cleaner for milking parlors, tractors, equipment and surfaces (EN 1276 tested)
  • Special products for direct marketers