FINK TEC Hygiene für den Food-Bereich

Hygiene for the food – area


Alkaline foam cleaning
FINKBIO-ROL® Superstark
Art.-No.: 09400

Cleaning granulate for plant cleaning
Alkaline, chlorine-free
• excellent protein and fat removal
• with corrosion inhibitor and water hardness stabilized
FINK – FC 21
Art.-No.: 10021

Strong foaming detergent with disinfection
alkaline, chloric
• excellent foam stability and water hardness stabilized
FINK – FC 30
Art.-No.: 10030

Strong foaming detergent with disinfection,
Alkaline, chlorine-free, liquid
• effective against bio films
• removes protein and fat
• bactericidal and fungicial, against Salmonella and Listeria
FINK – Superfettlöser
Art.-No.: 19402

Special alkaline foam detergent
Strong foaming
• water hardness stabilized and phosphate free
• excellent removal of protein and fat
Acidic foam cleaning
FINK – Alu-Reiniger mit Schaum
Art.-No.: 18801

Foam detergent for the plant cleaning, acid,
strong foaming
• removes lime deposits and pigment dirt
• brilliant shiny surfaces
FT 48 SR
Art.-No.: 17048

Citric acidic foam cleaner
• dissolves pigment dirt and inorganic residues
• removes fat
• removes oxide layers and annealing colours
FT 43 SR
Art.-No.: 17043

Foam cleaner with protection for zinc
Mild acidic, liquid
• removes lime and pigment dirt
• removes organic and inorganic contamination
Art.-No.: 17900

Ecological cleaner for all washable surfaces
• sensationally cleaning power
• brilliant foam stability
• excellent compatibility of materials
• no dangerous substance
• no dangerous good (no ADR classification)
• no working accidents by chemical burn
• tested by dermatological, concentrate is skin kindness
• no AOX entry
Special products
FINK – Spießblank
Art.-No.: 09407

Granulated alkaline detergent
for smoke-skewer
• good corrosion inhibition
• removes old deposits
FINK – FC 56
Art.-No.: 10056

Detergent with disinfection for
curing machines
• free of foam, acidic
• excellent wetting effect
• good protein and fat removal
FINK – FC 240
Art.-No.: 10240

Cleaner and disinfectant for air- and
space cooling systems
• persisting effect because of gel structur
• ready for use, simple in use
FINK – Bretterweiß
Art.-No.: 16800

Bleaching chlorinated detergent for cutting boards
• cleaning and bleaching
• decolouring and deodorizing
FINK – FC 2070
Art.-No.: 12070

Disinfectant cleaner for food processing
and the sanitary installations and facilities
• cleans and disinfects
• bactericidal and fungicidal
FINK – FC 280
Art.-No.: 10280

Cleaning agent for refrigerators and freezers
• Excellent cleaning effect to – 20 °C.
• Use manual or in scrubbing suction machines
• Dries quickly to slip-free surfaces
FINK – 220
Art.-No.: 10220

Deodorizing and cleaning agent composition
• dissolves and emulsifies fat deposits
• assists the action of detergents


Foam disinfection
FINK – Antisept G
Art.-No.: 13308

Surface disinfectant
based on quaternary ammonium compounds
• non-corrosive and odour free
• bactericidal, fungicidal and algicidal
FINK – ViroSept® IFS
Art.-No.: 13318

Liquid disinfectant
• effective also at low temperatures
• non-resistance, free of formaldehyde
• bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal acc. EN14675
FINK – Steril SD
Art.-No.: 14001

Foamable surface disinfectant
with active chlorine
• quickly and reliably effective against bacteria,
molds, yeasts, viruses, and spores
• pronounced wetting effect, water hardness stabilized
• EN 1276 and listeria ATCC 15313 tested
Art.-No.: 17313

Disinfectant with active oxygen [5% PES]
• foamable
• fast and also safe effective at low temperatures from 5 ° C
Spray disinfection
FINK – Antisept P
Art.-No.: 13305

Acid – liquid – disinfectant with
active oxygen [15 % PES]
• for intermediate disinfection
• non-resistance
• with bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effect
• fast and safe action at low temperatures
• ecologically harmless
FINK – Steril
Art.-No.: 14000

• based on chlorine
• fast and safe action at low temperatures
• against bacteria, virus, mould, spores
Art.-No.: 17310

Disinfectant with active oxygen
ecologically harmless
• bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal
• gentle to material, without foam
• Munkadur tested
alkoholische Desinfektion
FINK – Antisept E
Art.-No.: 13304

Alcoholic surface disinfectant
• bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal
• is residue-free volatile
• Rinsing with water is not necessary,
easy application
FINK – Antisept E Wipes
Art.-No.: 411200700

Wet wipes for rapid alcoholic disinfection
• bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal
• contains no perfume and dye according IFS
• combination of cleaning and disinfection
• residue-free volatile
• simple application


FINK – Rauchharzentferner
Art.-No.: 08007

Heavy alkaline foam detergent granulate
• dissolves smoke tar and resin
• strong foam and water hardness stabilized
FINK – Rauchharzentferner exzellent
Art.-No.: 18015

Heavy dusty foam detergent to remove smoke tar,
fat and protein, strong foaming
• low application concentration
• strong cleaning effect, excellent foam stability
FINK – Rauchharzentferner
super mit Schaum
Art.-No.: 18001

Heavy dusty foam detergent to remove smoke tar,
fat and protein, strong foaming
• excellent removal of smoke tar and resin
• dissolves coked and incrusted deposits
FINK – Rauchharzentferner plus
Art.-No.: 18004

Foam cleaner for removing smoke tar, grease and protein deposits
• highest smoke tar and resin solvent power
• high foam stability
• Excellent water hardness stabilized
FT 37 SR
Art.-No.: 17037

Strong alkaline foam detergent
• removes organic and inorganic soilings
• high foam stability
• Excellent water hardness stabilized


FINK – FC 331
Art.-No.: 10331

Care oil, food grade
• cares and conses of metallic surfaces
• pure plant ingredients
FINK – Edelstahlpflege
Art.-No.: 15405

Cares and protects metallic surfaces
• removes pigment dirt and annealing colours
• uses simply and effectively
• ready for use


Alkaline cleaning
FINK – Fettlöser
Art.-No.: 19404

Chlorinated detergent for washing machines,
Alkaline, chloric, foam-free
• excellent removal of protein and fat
• cleaning and disinfection, bleeching of organic dyes
• water hardness stabilized, phosphate-free
Alkalischer Waschmaschinenreiniger
WM – A Hochkonzentrat
Art.-No.: 19420

Combined cleaning and disinfection agent
• removes effectively protein and fat
FT 162 SP
Art.-No.: 17162

Alkaline, antistatic cleaning agent for hard surfaces
• removes oil, fat, rust, break dust and pigment dirt
• excellent usable for plastic surfaces
• prevents electrostatic change
Art.-No.: 19421

Detergent, disinfect, CIP-suitable
• excellent removal of protein, fat and carbohydrates
• cleaning and disinfection, distinct dirt penetrated
• water hardness stabilized
acide cleaning
FINK – Alu-Reiniger
Art.-No.: 18803

Acidic foam free detergent for plant cleaning
and washing machines
• removes lime deposits and pigment dirt, fat, protein and grid
• brilliant shiny surfaces
Art.-No.: 18813

High concentrated acidic detergent
• dissolves mineral deposits and pigment dirt
• swells protein depositions, emulsified fat
• pronounced wetting effect, CIP suitable
• dosage and washout by conductance in combination
with disinfectant
FT 185 SP
Art.-No.: 17185

Acid, single phase cleaner with high wetting effect
• cleaning and disinfecting, excellent wetting effect
• dissolving pigment dirt and inorganic depositions
• dissolving fat and protein
FT 191 CIP
Art.-No.: 17191

Acidic, P-and N-free, CIP-enabled detergent
• dissolves mineral deposits and pigment dirt
(beer / milk stone)
• removes organic soilings
• pronounced wetting effect, CIP – suitable
• Dosage and washout on conductance
• no corrosion to metals, free from mineral acids
Munkadur tested
FINK – FC 161
Art.-No.: 10161

Antifoaming agent on basis of polysiloxane
• antifoaming agent in aqueous systems
• suitable for food and waste water processes
• complies with the requirements of BgVV / FDA for
the direct contact with food
FINK – FC 163
Art.-No.: 10163

Antifoaming agent on basis of surfactant
• effectively antifoaming in watery systems
• suitable for food procedures
• antifoaming of even strong protein-loaded caustics
• silicone-free


FINK – FC 1001
Art.-No.: 01001

Alkaline chlorinated detergent for commercial
• good and fast cleaning result
• removes easily coffee and tea spots
FINK – FC 1011 Geschirr-Reiniger-Tabs 9 in 1
Art.-No.: 411128085

Highly active cleaning tablets for use in dishwashers
• combined detergent and rinsing agent with salt function
• effective fat and protein removal
• remove tea and coffee residues
• glass corrosion protection
• suitable for all water hardnesses
Spülsalz, grob
Art.-No.: 411128062

For water softening in dishwashers
• enables the problem-free cleaning with hard water
• yields lime deposits free and brilliant dishes
FINK – FC 1019
Art.-No.: 11019

Alkaline detergent for commercial dishwashers with
active oxygen
• phosphate free and water hardness stabilized
• cleaning and bleaching by active oxygen
FINK – FC 1020
Art.-No.: 11020

Detergent for commercial dishwashers, alkaline,
chlorinated, contains phosphate
• silicate free and water hardness stabilized
• excellent removal of food and beverage residues
FINK – FC 1021
Art.-No.: 11021

Detergent for commercial dishwashers,
alkaline,chloric, contains phosphate and silikate
• for middle water hardness
• excellent removal of food and beverage residues
FINK – FC 1023
Art.-No.: 11023

Mild alkaline detergent for commercial
dishwashers, chlorine free
• cleans utensils and small parts
• good removal of starch, sugar and paste residues
FINK – FC 1024
Art.-No.: 11024

Detergent for commercial dishwashers,
high alkaline, chloric
• silikate and phosphate-free
• for high water hardness
FINK – FC 1025
Art.-No.: 11025

Detergent for commercial dishwashers,
alkaline, chloric, silicate-free
• effective removal of protein and fat deposits
• good water hardness stabilized
FINK – FC 1036
Art.-No.: 11036

Glass cleaner for the dishwasher,
Alkaline, chlorine-free
• cleans streak-free and protects material
• good water hardness stabilized
Clear rinsing agent
FINK – FC 1030
Art.-No.: 11030

Shining clear rinsing agent for household
and commercial dishwashers, neutral
• Suitable for medium water hardness
• provides streak-and spot-free shine
FINK – FC 1032
Art.-No.: 11032

Acidic rinsing aid for household and commercial
• stripe free and stainless shiny crockery
• with citric acid suitable for any water hardness


Neutral cleaning concentrate
FINK – Allesspüler mit Citruskraft
Art.-No.: 13607

Neutral detergent
• skin friendly cleaning of all surfaces
• dissolves fat, oil and food residues
FINKBIO-ROL® neutrale Allzweckseife
Art.-No.: 13900

neutral – pasty – high concentrate
• for the cleaning of all humidity-resistant surfaces
• phosphate free
• skin-friendly and environmentally harmless
• removes excellently fat and pigment dirt
economical in application
FINK – Metzgerstolz®
Art.-No.: 13903

Neutral, clean & fresh universal detergent
• good fat dissolving effect for all surfaces
• for household, trade, public kitchen
Mildly alkaline cleaning concentrate
FINK – FC 2062
Art.-No.: 12062

Detergent and disinfectant for
food processing, mild alkaline
• skin friendly and non-corrosive
• bactericidal and fungicidal
FINK – Spül-ASS®
Art.-No.: 15207

Mild alkaline multi purpose detergent
• for maintenance cleaning of problem dirt
• very efficient, high concentrated
• usable independently of water hardness
Alcoholic cleaning concentrate
FINK – AL 70
Art.-No.: 10570

Alcoholic detergent for manual cleanig of plain surfaces
• stripe free, hygienic clean surfaces
• ideal for mirror, glass and all plain surfaces
FINK – Sprüh und Wisch® – blitzblank
Art.-No.: 12045

For disinfection and cleaning of furniture
• cleaning and disinfecting in one operation
• ready for use, simple in use
FINK – Glasreiniger
Art.-No.: 15401

Ready to use glass detergent for all glass
and mirror surfaces
• shiny, stripe-free, stainless surfaces
• spray, wipe off: clean


FINK – FC 61
Art.-No.: 10061

Vehicle cleaning agent with gloss effect
• excellent dirt removing
• brilliant shining surfaces of cars and trucks
FINK – FC 502
Art.-No.: 10502

Mild alkaline detergent for high pressure cleaning
• removes oil, fat and pigment dirt
• water hardness stabilized and foam controlled
FINK – FC 507 IR
Art.-No.: 10507

Alkaline industry cleaner
• universally applicable in company and factory
• removes oil, fat and pigment dirt
• water hardness stabilized
FINK – FC 509
Art.-No.: 10509

Vehicle cleaning agent with gloss effect
• excellent removing of dirt with manual application
and in hp -equipment
• suitable for all water-steady surfaces
• lacquer-carefully
• foamable, water hardness-stabilizes


Hand cleaning
FINK – Antisept HD
Art.-No.: 13315

Antimicrobial hand wash
• dye and perfume free acc. IFS
• biocidal effective
• dermatologically tested
• free of alcohol
FINK – Handseife IFS
Art.-No.: 13610

For the hand cleaning, odour and colour-free
• cleaning and caring
• pH 5,5 (skin-friendly)
• dermatologically tested
FINK – Händecleaner grün
Art.-No.: 13614

For hygienic hand cleaning, deodorizing, green
• dermatologically tested
• efficient, skincaring cleaning of hands
• moisturizing and pH-neutral, soap and alkaline free
FINK – Händecleaner Intensiv
Art.-No.: 411200550

Special hand cleaner for strongest dirt
• excellent cleaning power
• removes thoroughly oil, fat, bitumen,
colours and soot
• skin compatibility is very good
• with plastic rub objects
• dermatologically tested
Hand disinfection
FINK – Antisept HD med 1
Art.-No.: 13316

2-Propanol 70 % (V/V), solution
Alcoholic skin and hand disinfectant
• Partially viricidal (incl. HBV, HCV, HIV) acc. RKI recommendation,
• effective against Rota Viruses, Influenza-/flu viruses
• bactericide (incl. MRSA, TbB)
• perfume free, fungicide, filtered spore free
Hand care
FINK – Handcreme, parfümfrei
Art.-No.: 411200500

• dermatologically tested
• cares and protects, fat free
FINK – Handcreme, ASB, parfümfrei
Art.-No.: 411200510

• protects and cares skin prior and during work
• „liquid glove“
FINK – FC 2062
Art.-No.: 12062

Detergent and disinfectant for
food processing, mild alkaline
• bactericidal and fungicidal
• skin friendly and non-corrosive
FINK – FC 2070
Art.-No.: 12070

Mold remover for refrigeration storage,
production facilities and sanitary installations
• cleans and disinfects without chlorine
• against all types of mold, algae and moss
FINK – Sanitär und Bäderrein
Art.-No.: 15702

Acidic detergent for sanitary facilities, list RK
• for shower cabins, bath and wash cabins
• for toilet bowl, tiles and fittings
• very profitable, high-concentrated mineral acid
Art.-No.: 10562

Acid sanitarily cleaner
• dissolves lime depositions and urine stones
• on basis of mineral acids
• disperses pigment dirt
1 FINK – Antisept HD med 2-Propanol 70 % (V/V) Lösung. Zusammensetzung: 100 g Lösung enthalten: Wirksamer Bestandteil: 2-Propanol 63,1 g; Sonstiger Bestandteil: gereinigtes Wasser. Anwendungsgebiete: Hygienische und chirurgische Händedesinfektion, Hautdesinfektion vor einfachen Injektionen und Punktionen peripherer Gefäße, Hautdesinfektion vor Operationen und vor Punktionen von Gelenken, Desinfektion talgdrüsenreicher Haut; Kühlumschläge. Gegenanzeigen: FINK – Antisept HD med ist nicht zur Desinfektion offener Wunden geeignet. Nebenwirkungen: Beim Einreiben der Haut mit FINK – Antisept HD med können Rötungen und leichtes Brennen auftreten. Falls Sie Nebenwirkungen, insbesondere solche, die nicht in der Packungsbeilage aufgeführt sind feststellen, teilen Sie diese Ihrem Arzt oder Apotheker mit. Warnhinweise: Leicht entzündlich! Von Zündquellen fern halten! Dicht verschlossen aufbewahren. Bei Verschütten der Lösung sind unverzüglich Maßnahmen gegen Brand und Explosion zu treffen. Geeignete Maßnahmen sind z. B. das Aufnehmen der verschütteten Flüssigkeit und das Verdünnen mit Wasser, das Lüften des Raumes sowie das Beseitigen von Zündquellen. Arzneimittel unzugänglich für Kinder aufbewahren! Das Arzneimittel nach Ablauf des auf dem Behältnis angegebenen Verfalldatums nicht mehr verwenden.
Zulassungsnummer: Zul.-Nr.: 1599.98.99. Stand der Information: 03/2011. Pharmazeutischer Unternehmer: FINK TEC GmbH, Oberster Kamp 23, D-59069 Hamm.
Pflichtangaben nach § 4 Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG)


sprühen und schäumen

Art.-Nr.: 220510020 (20 l)
Art.-Nr.: 220710000 (65 l)
Art.-Nr.: 220810000 (120 l)
• Ausführung: Edelstahl
• auf mobilen Einsatz ausgelegt
• flexible und einfache Handhabung
• solide Düsenaufhängung
• robustes Fahrgestell
Art.-Nr. 470103350
• geeignet für Kanister und Fässer
• Farbe: schwarz
Hydro-Foamer inkl. Schnellkupplung, 1,4 l Behälter
Art.-Nr.: 200410020
• für die Schaumreinigung in Kleinbetrieben
• Anschluss an die Hauswasserleitung
Hygiene-Station inkl. Wassersparpistole
Art.-Nr.: 220010720
Funktionen: reinigen-desinfizieren-spülen, Lieferumfang: 15 m Schlauch, Rohrtrenner, 2 x 10 l Edelstahl Kanisterhalter
Dosierpumpe Compact R
Art.-Nr.: 670090370
• Leistung: 150-4.500 ml / h
• kleiner 30 Spülgänge / Tag
• Serie R – Reiniger
• Serie K – Klarspüler
• Serie L – leitwertgesteuert für Reiniger
Accu-Dose für 1 Produkt
Art.-Nr. 220011210
• 1 Taster, niedrige o. hohe Flussrate.
für 2x Behälter und 2x Flasche
Art.-Nr. 220011211
• 4 Taster, niedrige hohe Flussrate
• Der Rückflussverhinderer entspricht den neuesten europäischen Normen (EN 1717)d
Dosierpumpe, Concept 2114 mcs
Art.-Nr.: 670090395
Leistung: 150 ml/ min bei 50 % ED Leitfähigkeitsregelbar, konduktiv: Sensoren EE65-25-10 und KE 13-5-36VA (bis 25 mS) Kohle-Sensor KE6-5-36-VA (15-100) mS/cm)
Edelstahl Panzerschloss
Art.-Nr. 220011174
Dosierpumpe, Concept 2114 mcs
Art.-Nr.: 670090395
Leistung: 150 ml/ min bei 50 % ED Leitfähigkeitsregelbar, konduktiv: Sensoren EE65-25-10 und KE 13-5-36VA (bis 25 mS) Kohle-Sensor KE6-5-36-VA (15-100) mS/cm)
Art.-Nr. 200322000
Art.-Nr. 200323001, 1/2” Schlauchtülle
Art.-Nr. 200322001, 3/4” Schlauchtülle
Ölsprühpistole mit Messing Luftkupplung
Art.-Nr.: 200410000
zur Aufbringung von Pflegeölen
FINK – FC 330 – 332 und FINK – FC 240
Lieferumfang: 0,5 l Flasche
Druckluftzerstäuber, 1,6 l
Art.-Nr. 411000231
Abbildung ähnlich ohne Kanister und Fass
• Kindersicherung
• 2 Jahre Garantie
• Ersatzteile erhältlich
Art.-Nr. 411000340Faßpumpe für 200 ltr. Fass,
400 ml Hub, incl. Adapter
Art.-Nr. 411000339Kanisterpumpe für 40-60 ltr. Kan. ,
incl. Adapter, 400 ml Hub
Art.-Nr. 411000338
Kanisterpumpe für 20-30 ltr. Kan.
Art.-Nr. 411000090 für 5 kg Kanister
Art.-Nr. 411000100 für 10-40 kg Kanister
Dosierpumpe, 30 ml Hub
Art.-Nr. 411000010 10-40 kg Kan., 28 cm
Art.-Nr. 411000020 5 kg Kan. 21,5 cm
Art.-Nr. 411000140 5-10 kg Kan. für Paste
Schraubgewinde: Farbe schwarz
Sprühkopf CHS-3AN weiß
Art.-Nr. 470103000
für 1 ltr. DN 28
Sprüher Maxi mit Schaumdüse
Art.-Nr. 411000310
weiß-gelb Viton Dichtung, 1 – 2 ml pro Druck
Art.-Nr. 417000610
inkl. Netzgerät, berührungslose Handdesinfektion, bis zu 1l Flüssigkeitsbehältnisse
Option: Counter für Steri-Power zum Auslesen der Anzahl der Anwendungen
Art.-Nr.: 417000620
Art.-Nr. 417000180 (kurzer Hebel – Abb.)
Art.-Nr. 417000350 (langer Hebel – o• Abb.)
einstellbar auf ca. 0,7 / 1,2 / 1,5 ml Hub
Spender für FINK-Handcreme
Art.-Nr. 411000150
4 ml Hub
Bekleidung / Schuhe Wichtige Anforderungen für diesen Bereich in der Lebensmittelverarbeitung werden erfüllt
• Schuhwerk mit äußerst rutschhemmenden und abriebfesten Sohlen
• Handschuhe bieten Schutz gegen Säuren und Laugen
• Bekleidung/Schürzen in stabiler Ausführung
Neutrale Verpackung Ihre Qualität hat eine gute Verpackung verdient
• Frischpack
• Hemdchentragetasche
• HT-Säcke;
• Faltenbeutel
• Ausser-Haus-Verpackungen
Hygienepapier Bestmögliche Hygiene während der gesamten Lebensmittelverarbeitung ist unabdingbar für dessen Qualität und Frische
• 100 % Zellstoff, sehr nass- und reißfest, enorm saugstark
• Recyclingpapier, nassfest und saugstark
Microfaser-/ Reinigungstücher für die rationelle Feucht- und Nassreinigung
• saugstark, haltbar, waschbar bis 60°C
• für jeden Anwendungsbereich das richtige Tuch
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