FINK TEC Forschung und Entwicklung 

Research and Development

In our own research and development department with an attached application technique innovative topics are worked out in view of the demands of the market.

Just to give an example, the FINK TEC brought in 2010 a foam cleaner on whey-based for all washable surfaces on the market. This ecological alternative has been awarded the EU / Ecolabel.

Emphatically we investigate concepts related to company hygiene management in the food industry. Here are some examples:

  • PCM-Concept
    Tank cleaning approach for ensuring a high standard of hygiene through continuous monitoring and adjustment of hygiene parameters in the washing process.
  • Alkali Mangement 65 +
    Energy optimization in the bottle washer to the needs-based lowering of the temperature of the liquor bottle washer.
  • KEG-Check
    Cleaning Validation of barrels for early detection of cleaning deficiencies and container damage.
  • Concept to stall and claws hygiene
    The improvement of the stall climate will lead to positive effects on the general health of the animals and support effective treatment of diseases (PediSept Bed – Bedding powder # PediSept Dry – Claws dust bath).)

Biocides Directive # Reach Regulation
We direct our glasses on vision and make it our business for years with the requirements of before-mentioned Topics. Our aim is to provide our business partners also after the entry into force of the new rules we can offer a complete range consisting of cleaning and disinfecting agents to perform company management of hygiene.

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